Digital publishing – what is it ?

What are Digital publishing and Web publishing ?


You probably heard the terms E-magazine, E-catalog, Digital catalog, interactive publications… Those terms all refer to the same industry called Digital publishing or Web publishing (even tho the later is more rarely used).

digital publishing

The concept

Those 2 terms describe the same concept : making a content available on the internet. It could be a website, a PDF file available through a link, a slideshare presentation and the like It could as be a type of web content that is generally found in a printed form.

The common usage of Digital publishing is clearly intended to refer to a flyer, magazine, brochure, leaflet, report, catalog that is available through a URL. (Generally, with the ability to flip or swipe pages.)

For simplification purposes, when referring to these documents, we will use the wording “Digital publications” for the rest of this post.

Compatibility on mobile devices used to be an additional option but its now a standard feature since as much as 20% of users are browsing digital publications through a mobile device (source: Prestimedia – Google analytics).

HTML5 is the most commonly used format used to reach this category of viewers. It should be noted that more and more digital publications primarily designed for desktop  are being created directly in HTML5. Not only does ensure to ensure a compatibility across all platforms but it also reduce the costs and resources.


Digital publications can be created directly by the publisher with a SAAS (software as a service)/ Do-it-yourself software or by a specialized digital publishing company, like Prestimedia.

Software solutions can be slit between pay-per-use price model and time-limited licensing. They generally let the user create as many publications or convert as many pages during a set time.

Service providers generally offer a mix of sub-cost (pages, user interface, analytics…) or a cost per project (less common).



“Ok, I am interested, I want to know more. How can I choose the right solution ?”

Choose a Digital Publisher

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have any experience creating digital publication ?
  • Do I have the skills required to execute all the tasks required ?
  • Do I have the time to perform all these tasks ?
  • Am I sure of the way I should promote my digital publication ?
  • Optionally, you may even have to ask yourselves “Do I want to leave my content on a third party server”.


If you answered “YES” to all these questions, you can definitely consider exploring Digital publication Software. Remember,  in some cases, it can take time to understand and master the tools. However, if you have the resources and skills available, the outcome can be satisfying in the long run.

(Prestimedia also offers this type of solutions with a unique feature – let our graphic designers create your custom user interface and integrate it in your software)

Inquire about our Digital publishing Software.


If you answered “NO” to any these questions, you definitely want to consider using  a full service digital publication company.

A professional vendor will be able to execute the work in a much faster and precise way while providing most valuable guidance (what type of content, what format, what features, how can I promote it, etc.) and offer a custom pricing based on what you actually need.

Contact us a custom quote.


Explore the variety of options available to determine which vendor and which solutions is the best fit.  You may use this list of digital publication features as a comparison base.