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Scroll Shop

 A unique feature that let you display the products of your publications on a compelling shopping wall.

Your products are organized automatically to generate the best shopping experience.

You can choose to display all the products of your publications or only specific  items. You can even add products that are not in your publication as well as promortional banners, videos and photo slideshow.

We take care of the extra work

We don’t need anything else than the elements you would provide us for a traditional ‘Flip -Through” catalog. All the additional work is on us.

Improved Shopping experience 

Scroll Shop is an effective tool for your customers to find the products they are looking for faster and more effectively. Filters can be added to customize the product wall and display only products matching different criteria such as color, type of usage, available sizes, motifs, etc.

Your customer can compare products more easily and add several products in their cart from the product wall.

Scroll Shop Product digital catalog


Compatible with all our Wish list and Integrated E-Commerce modules

Scroll Shop is compatible with all standard Wish list and Integrated E-Commer modules.

Just as in the traditionnal “Flip-Through” view, customers can click on a product in the Scroll Shop view to display the product informations and add to their wish list or to their cart in one click.

Ecommerce Scroll Shop Digital Catalog


What if you don’t have a fully designed catalog

Even though most publishers will provide us with the PDF of their catalog for us to create their Digital catalog with the Scroll Shop feature, the Scroll Shop can even be created if you don’t have a fully designed catalog. You can provide us with stripped down PDF pages containing only the photos and product information and we will create a Scroll Shop stand-alone.  Please note that the traditional “Flip-Through” view will not be available if you don’t have a fully designed PDF catalog.

Compatible on Mobile devices and desktop

Developed in HTML5, the Scroll Shop is fully responsive on mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets) and computers.

  • No Additional Elements Required

    You already provide us with the PDF of your publication ? Great. We don’t need anything else to integrate the Scroll Shop module.

  • Improved Shopping Experience

    Your customer can see more of your products and navigate faster between them.

  • Compatible with all other modules

    The Scroll Shop is compatible with Rich Media , integrated Shopping list and  E-commerce modules.

  • Available in Stand-Alone

    You can offer the Scroll Shop Mode as the default or only presentation of your products. You don’t need to display your publication in flip-through mode.

  • Available even if you dont have a catalog

    All we need is a PDF file with your products. It doesn’t need to be arranged as a catalog.

  • Fully Customizable

    We can add products that are not part of your original publication or insert videos and photo inside the Scroll Shop view.