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Content is often expensive to create. Nanobook increases your reach and boost your audience on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Develop your onlines sales by linking the product in your catalog to you website and generate more in-store visits by increasing the exposure of your brand.

We take care of everything

Nanobook is a full service solution. With other solutions you have to learn how to make a flipbook. With Nanobook, everything is done by our team. Just review and install.

What our customers say about us

Prestimedia has provided a significant upgrade to our digital catalogs, giving our accounts and consumers an easy and seamless way to view and shop product. Their service team has made the process simple and turn around a project within days of receiving it. We truly enjoy working with Prestimedia!
Erin Mooney
Working with Prestimedia has been nothing short of outstanding, we have created interactive catalogs for multiple years with them and couldn't have picked a better partner to bring these to life.
Steve Thielke
We have used Prestimedia’s services for some of our most prestigious customers. They have created dozens of top-class digital catalogs and circulars for us. They basically take care of everything and make the whole process extremely convenient. Over the years, Prestimedia has become our most trusted partner for digital publishing.
Ronnie Roberts


Nanobook includes the most powerful features in standard. No need to learn how to make a Flipbook, we will do it for you.

NANOBOOK - Up to 50% Off - No need to Learn How to Make a Flipbook


Nanobook is HTML5 based to ensure a perfect compatibility on all platforms

NANOBOOK - Up to 50% Off - No need to Learn How to Make a Flipbook

Seamless Navigation

Nanobook includes dozens of free features to provide a seamless browsing experience

NANOBOOK - Up to 50% Off - No need to Learn How to Make a Flipbook

Actionable content

Add links to your product pages, to order forms or additional ressources.

Table of contents

Access to the pages with the drop down table of contents

Search Engine

Find any word within the digital catalog and go to the page directly.

Navigation arrows

Click on the navigation arrows to go to the previous, the next, the first or the last page of the catalog

Thumbnails view

Display a thumbnail of all the pages and click to go directly to a page

Download in PDF

Download the entire catalog or a page in PDF

Navigation Slider

Go directly to a page by sliding the dragging the navigation slider

Interactive zoom zones

Click on a area of the page to zoom in the manually traced block of text or picture. Out team will use their judgement to create these zone so that you do not need to learn how to make a flipbook.

Html5 for cross-platforms compatibility

With a unique HTML5 verison, your catalog is perfectly displayed on computers and mobile devices. Zoom zones and links are available as an option for mobiles.

Contextual help screen

Displays a commented version of the interface to help users understand the feature behind each button.

Print pages

Print a page or a double page

Share by email

Share the catalog by email with the embedded form

Share on social media

Share your catalog on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Bookmark pages

Bookmark your favorite pages

External Links

Click on a product or a paragraph to open an external link

Internal Links

Click on the table of contents within the pages to go directly to a page

High Quality content

The content of your catalog is available is superior quality


Add videos to your catalog as an option

Fast loading

The content of the catalog is compressed for a fast loading on every platform.

High resolution zoom
Customizable navigation bar
Interactive zoom zones

For a Limited Time Only

Up to 50% OFF

+ Statisfied customers
+ catalogs delivered
+ pages created

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