• Customized interface

    Control your image for the best digital publication. Our digital publications are personalized to suit your brand, not the other way around. The interface can be entirely customized with preloading, buttons, menus, navigation bars, messages, emailing, printing and downloading panels, a background, etc.
    The options for customization are unlimited.

  • E.print shop

    Facilitate business transactions with an interfaced shopping cart on your retail website. This dual-purpose function connects the interactive catalog to the website and acts as a link from the website to the interactive catalog. The highly acclaimed feature helps to streamline online ordering.

  • Rich media

    Enrich your interactive catalog with embedded videos, 3D pictures, photo slideshow… Everything is possible.

  • Facebook Like

    Your flip book becomes social. Increase your popularity by using the integrated “Facebook Like” function.

  • Facebook version

    Integrate your catalog within your Facebook page. Not only do you get the basic functions, but also interactive zones, URL links, E-commerce integration with E-print shop®

  • I love it!

    Your interactive catalogue becomes social. Share a specific product in your interactive catalogue.

  • Premium mapping

    The premium mapping zones follow perfectly the outline of the products, just like clipping in Photoshop.  That’s the “Wow” effect.

  • Scroll Shop

    Unique alternative to the flip-through view. Your products are arranged automatically on a wall to generate the best shopping experience.

  • Links

    Link up your interactive catalogue: internal link, link to a specific page on a Web site, to a 3D object, video, photo slideshow… These “magic” links will allow your interactive catalogue and your Web site(s) to work together fully. All this is of course monitored by your statistics system.

  • Zones within zones

    Access interactive zones within an interactive zone! Very useful for tables, this tour de force offers you endless ergonomic possibilities.

    This feature is ideal if you have a lot of links on the pages of your publication.

  • Analytics

    Measure and monitor the behavior of your audience: we integrate your own analytics tracker (Xiti, Médiamétrie e-stat, Nedtstat, Omniture, Omniforce, Google Analytics…) in order to restore the events to your usual system.

  • Search engine +

    Intuitive (it suggests the words after typing the first 2 letters) and multi-words, the search engine non only find the content but also underline the word on each page and recognize the plurals.

  • Accessibility

    Wether you are legally obligated to meet  accessibility standards or you want to make your publications accessible to a wider audience, Prestimedia has the expertise you need. For many yearss, we have been working with a reknown specialist.

  • Hosting

    Host your interactive catalogue on the Web platform of your choice, our solutions are called “full standard static HTML” and require no particular system. If you so wish, we can offer you a hosting solution.

  • Instant report

    Display information coming from your CRM or any other source directly on the page of the catalog.

Our solutions adjust to your specific needs, not the other way round…
Our research and development team creates features that really suit your business