Feature Highlight:

Advanced Tables

Digital catalog with Advanced Tables for Vishay Siliconix

Vishay Siliconix has chosen Prestimedia again for their latest Digital catalog ( The Selector Guide). Im addition to the fully customized graphical interface, interactive zoom zones and all the standard features of the E.print Digital Catalog solution, the Guide contains Advanced tables.

What are Advanced Tables ?

Advanced Tables is a unique option that let the viewer of the digital catalog display the content of the tables in an HTML5 pop-up.

Each colum can be filtered and sorted to access the researched information more easily or simply to compare items on different lines.

Each line of the tables can be clicked to open a link, a v PDF file, or video or a photo slideshow.

The size of the font can be increased or reduced for increased legibility.

Who can benefit this feature the most ?

This option is absolutely amazing for catalogs with large tables, especially for B2B digital catalogs with a lot of technical information.

I want this option but I don’t have a spreadsheet with the data of my tables. Does it mean my digital catalog cannot have this wonderful feature ?

Not a problem. Our team will extract all the data from the PDF pages and creature a template for your HTM5 tables. The tables can be similar to those on the pages of your catalog or completely customized.

Contact us for a free consultation with our team and understand how this feature can be best used with your online catalog.