Acco Brands Factbook digital catalog

Digital catalog for Acco Brands

Acco Brands Factbook digital catalog


Prestimedia recently completed the creation of the 2015 Acco Brands Factbook digital catalog.

Like in 2014, Acco Brands used Prestimedia digital catalog solutions to create the latest version of their interactive Factbook.

With more than 530 pages, the factbook is a rather large catalog and one could have that ensuring fast-loading pages would have been the main challenge.

However, Prestimedia latest digital catalog solution engine has been developed to offer a complete range of advanced features and fast-loading pages wether the readers are flipping a 20- page or a 2000-page catalog. Through complex compression method and smart loading strategies, the reader can flip the page of the digital catalog even faster than its paper version.

Thousands of products are linked to their product pages and hundred of videos and photo slideshows are embbeded in the catalog for an unmatchable interactive browsing experience. Each product can also be shared by email.

On Acco Brands request, Prestimedia has developed a unique Bookmark feature that will definitely encourage their cutsomers to use the catalog as a collaborative tools while shopping for office supplies.

The digital catalog is also available for download as a PC and a Mac offline version that includes all the advanced features of the online version, when connected to the Internet, of course.

The 2015 Acco Brands Factbook is available at: