Mobile web or Mobile App ?

Mobile web  or Mobile App ?


For many years, companies had to make a choice mostly based on technical limitations. Indeed, easy access to hardware-dependent features of the device was the main advantage of mobile Apps. With the plethora of development and bootstrapping kits that flourished in the past 2 year, the choice is essentially a marketing choice. This is, how to reach a maximum number of users and offer a consistent experience while reducing the acquisition cost and increasing the average revenue.

The isolation factor appears to be the lastest concerns of the major publishing companies. Read more:


Digital catalog for Acco Brands

Acco Brands Factbook digital catalog


Prestimedia recently completed the creation of the 2015 Acco Brands Factbook digital catalog.

Like in 2014, Acco Brands used Prestimedia digital catalog solutions to create the latest version of their interactive Factbook.

With more than 530 pages, the factbook is a rather large catalog and one could have that ensuring fast-loading pages would have been the main challenge.

However, Prestimedia latest digital catalog solution engine has been developed to offer a complete range of advanced features and fast-loading pages wether the readers are flipping a 20- page or a 2000-page catalog. Through complex compression method and smart loading strategies, the reader can flip the page of the digital catalog even faster than its paper version.

Thousands of products are linked to their product pages and hundred of videos and photo slideshows are embbeded in the catalog for an unmatchable interactive browsing experience. Each product can also be shared by email.

On Acco Brands request, Prestimedia has developed a unique Bookmark feature that will definitely encourage their cutsomers to use the catalog as a collaborative tools while shopping for office supplies.

The digital catalog is also available for download as a PC and a Mac offline version that includes all the advanced features of the online version, when connected to the Internet, of course.

The 2015 Acco Brands Factbook is available at: 


Responsive solutions: MGallery, the collection of unique hotels of ACCOR Group

Responsive solutions: MGallery, the collection of unique hotels of ACCOR Group

Responsive solutions: MGallery, the collection of unique hotels of ACCOR Group

Responsive solutions implemented by Prestimedia for M Gallery

Naturally, MGallery choses Prestimedia as an expert in mobile app solutions forf high-end brand image. Prestimedia offers responsive solutions for computer, tablets and smartphones users without compromising on the user experience.

MGallery, the Collection of memorable hotels by Accor. Through its architecture, design, services, each hotel giftedly stages its personality and unique story … However, without exception, they invite the traveller, in search of originality, to experience unforgettable moments, immersed in emotion, and all draw their inspiration from one of the three atmospheres specific to the Collection. Some of them, powered by their “Heritage”, highlight their past filled with history … Others offer their guests a relaxing retreat at the seaside, at the countryside, in the mountains or even in the heart of a metropolis …These are the “Serenity” hotels. And last, but not least, others reflect an aesthetic universe, a design, a style, the “Signature” of a well-known figure having contributed to their building or design.



Découvrez les solutions responsive de Prestimedia

Learn more about Prestimedia responsible solutions

Brochure mobile App: Region Pays de la Loire uses Prestimedia services

Stay in touch with the latest news about Pays de la Loire with their latest Brochure mobile app.

The Brochure mobile app contains with videos and photos slideshows accessible to tablet and smartphone users.

Quick Note about “Pays de la Loire”: Pays de la Loire is a French region located in the central west part of the country.  In their goal to promote tourism and attract investor, this institutional client chose Prestimedia mobile App development services to provide an information-rich, yet pleasurable, experience to their audience of individuals and businesses.



Mobile App solutions – Bouygues SA chooses Prestimedia

Mobile App solutions – Bouygues SA chooses Prestimedia for their tablet App

Operating in over 80 countries, Bouygues is a French industrial group with various lines of business in the field of civil engineering (Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, Colas), telecommunications (Bouygues Telecom), and the media (TF1).

It is also the main shareholder of Alstom.

Bouygues relies on its annual institutional publication L’abrégé to present the Group’s multimedia business card: key indicators, major operations, main results of the previous year, etc. Videos and photo albums of the year facilitate learning more about the areas of expertise and corporate actions in images.

The guide to the major establishments of Bouygues Groupe worldwide provides access to the coordinates of the main group companies at international level and, by geographical area, to the major references of its Civil Engineering Division branches. 
This tablet app targets everyone and, in particular, customers, investors, shareholders, talented young people, journalists and partners of the Group Bouygues, which are its best ambassadors worldwide.

Mobile App solutions chosen by Bouygues SA are available through the links below

iOs and Android Apps development for Lapeyre

iOs and Android Apps development for Lapeyre

Lapeyre, home design expert, accompanies you in all your projects for home wherever you are with the Lapeyre app!

To be successful in relation to all your home design projects:

– Our comprehensive 4 catalogues: Outdoor carpentry; Foundations and floors; Kitchens; Bathrooms and tiling. Lapeyre catalogues have been designed for inspiring, advising and putting forth trends and innovations tailored to the needs and budgets of each and any of us. 
– Current promotional offers: take full advantage of immediate discounts on your projects.

– The closest Lapeyre store to your location and you have direct access to the route, the opening hours and telephone numbers of each store to find our sales assistants who will accompany you throughout your project.

Lapeyre services aiming to simplify all your projects. We have developed and designed all our services with you in mind, for those who are looking for solutions tailored for your house improvements, who don’t necessarily have the know-how of tinkering or for those who need funding.

– Project data sheets: these explain and illustrate step-by-step the measures taken for the renovation or building. Stairs, closets, interior doors, windows… regardless of your site, see the corresponding sheet to be sure not to make a mistake before placing your order.

Video tips: will help you choose well and implement step by step the space layout and the installation of your Lapeyre products.
– Pro area: exclusively available for Pros with username and password on Lapeyre Pro website. Customised and dedicated area, it encompasses all the advantages reserved for professionals.


iOs and Android Apps development completed by Prestimedia for Lapeyre are accesible from the links below

Ecommerce mobile App for Metro Cash & Carry France

Ecommerce mobile App for Metro Cash & Carry France

Ecommerce mobile App for Metro Cash & Carry France

Thanks to Ecommerce mobile App, your wholesaler METRO is accessible wherever you go.

From anywhere you can place your orders for any of the 15,000 references of the METRO Equipment offer.

Search products using the search engine or scan the barcode, view the product’s details data sheets and order and just a few taps.

To check out the Ecommerce mobile App developed for Metro Cash & Carry France, please, use the links below.

Ecommerce mobile App for Metro Cash & Carry France

Ecommerce mobile App for Metro Cash & Carry France


iPad app development services: Tendances by Maisons du Monde

iPad app development services for Maison du Monde


You got style?
With over 5,000 products, Maisons du Monde has a unique offer of furniture and furnishings in a variety of styles: classic, contemporary, romantic, special …

Thanks to our iPad application, you have now more options to inspire you!

You may:

  • Play with the environments of our video wall
  • Discover our universe for indoor and outdoor
  • Find all our furniture and decoration objects

Of course, you can order your favourite products or find the nearest store.
There are 230 in France and in Europe!
Moreover, stay connected with Maisons du Monde by visiting our blog and staying in touch with our news on Facebook.


iPad app development services

Check out Prestimedia’s iPad app development services chosen by Maison du Monde