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Experimental evaluation of Digital catalog software for Ecommerce

Ellen Thompson, Sundar Osidin, John Boghart, Jean-Baptiste Leroy and Corey Dimerson “How to succeed at publishing online catalogs with the best production tool and digital platform   Abstract Many researchers would agree that, had it not been for the producer-consumer problem, the analysis of DNS might never have occurred. In fact, few cryptographers would disagree […]

Mobile Apps : why users uninstall apps ?

In mature markets, smartphones are now saturated with Apps and getting user to download new Apps has become increasingly difficult. Users have become more critical of Apps that do not meet perfectly their expectations and tend to uninstall more Apps, more quickly. For years, publishers’ focus was on the distribution and promotions of their apps, […]

Location based mobile marketing to improve in-store shopping

  As retailers prepare for the back-to-school shopping season  on mobile, what buyers are searching for from an in-store shopping experience may not be precisely what they get. According to a Rubicon Project survey comprising 1,500 interviews of parents, the back-to-school shopping season tends to start earlier every year. This year, many parents started shopping […]

Digital publishing – what is it ?

What are Digital publishing and Web publishing ?   You probably heard the terms E-magazine, E-catalog, Digital catalog, interactive publications… Those terms all refer to the same industry called Digital publishing or Web publishing (even tho the later is more rarely used). The concept Those 2 terms describe the same concept : making a content available on […]

Mobile web or Mobile App ?

Mobile web  or Mobile App ?   For many years, companies had to make a choice mostly based on technical limitations. Indeed, easy access to hardware-dependent features of the device was the main advantage of mobile Apps. With the plethora of development and bootstrapping kits that flourished in the past 2 year, the choice is […]

Digital catalog for Acco Brands

  Prestimedia recently completed the creation of the 2015 Acco Brands Factbook digital catalog. Like in 2014, Acco Brands used Prestimedia digital catalog solutions to create the latest version of their interactive Factbook. With more than 530 pages, the factbook is a rather large catalog and one could have that ensuring fast-loading pages would have been […]